Lani Diane Rich visits Anya and Alan to talk about Moonlighting. She tells us all about what this show means to her, drops her latest narrative theory, and admits how much she hates- no loves- urgh, is just a sucker for those Han Solo and David Addison types.


Discussed episodes:

1.1 (1) - Pilot Parts 1 & 2 

2.1 (7) - Brother Can You Spare a Blonde? 

2.4 (10) - The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice 

2.5 (11) - My Fair David 

2.7 (13) - Somewhere Under the Rainbow 

2.15 (21) - Witness for the Execution 

3.7 (31) - Atomic Shakespeare 

The Moonlighting 'Curse':

What Really Happened to Moonlighting by Linda Holmes for NPR

10 Episodes that Highlight Moonlighting's Eclectic, Boundary Busting Brilliance by Greg Cwik for The AV Club

Celebrating the Brilliance of Moonlighting by Willa Paskin for



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