Anya and Alan welcome Jordan Magill for a special mini-sode about sexuality, identity, and pop-culture crushes.


Anya's Crushes:

Kate Moennig- Young Americans

Michelle Rodrigez- Avatar

Lizzy Caplan- Party Down

 Honorable mention- Christina Hendricks- Firefly

Jordan's Crushes:

Jake Gyllenhaal- Source Code

Chris Hemsworth- Thor Ragnarok

David Hull- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Honorable Mention- Chris Evans- Captain America

Alan's Crushes:

Chris Hemsworth- Ghostbusters

Taylor Lautner- Twilight

David Borenaz- Angel

Honorable Mention- William Jackson Harper- The Good Place

Buffy Season 8 queer relationship

Eleanor and Tahani attraction

White Josh and Darryl

Korra and Asami relationship

Jordan's Coming Out Episode

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Alan Allstrom