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Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk about the trailer for ‘His Dark Materials’, problematic authors who should not be taken too seriously, and polar bear plushies. Seriously. Will there be a chance to buy an Iorek plush?! This is important. And we talk about why we care about these books and the show and stuff. Panserbjorn plush!!


Here is LSU’s Creative Writing Program. Maybe it is better now than when Alan was there.

There is a movie about the Golden Compass??!

What is a Province? It is what Canada calls its States.

What are Robert Jordan books? Related: What were Fantasy Books in the 90’s?

What are TERFs?

Philip Pullman tweet scandal about Trans Rights: “Phillip Pullman Wants to Know Which Side of the ‘Trans-Argument’ He Should Be On.” by Kaila Hale-Stern for The Mary Sue.

.Death of the Author

Philip Pullman has strong opinions about Fantasy which energized the development of “His Dark Materials”. Read about it in “Far From Narnia” by Laura Miller for The New Yorker.

Anya and Alan co-host Shadows and Shamblers a podcast about the STARZ adaptation of American Gods.

The trailer for His Dark Materials

You can see that Lyra Belacqua is blonde in all this fanart.

Lin Manuel Miranda talks about singing a duet.

The Kingkiller Chronicles TV Show

The full cast of His Dark Materials

To Anya’s point- read about an Oregon black bear that was killed by officials because it was too habituated by tourists taking selfies with it and feeding it. Please leave wild animals in the wild.

Check out Bad Wolf which is based in England and came out of the BBC.

Anya and Caitlin worked together on the podcast Desire Made Real from Eloquent Gushing about the TV adaptation of “A Discovery of Witches”.

Check out Hallowed Ground Media for more Anya and Alan.

Check out Caitlin’s podcast about Middle Earth “So You Want to Read Tolkien

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