Golden Compass Ch 14-17

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk Chapters 14-17, cassette tapes, and how Caitlin got all the science right. Anya spots a Plot Hole, Alan says scientists have no butts, and Caitlin brainstorms an ending quote live on mic.


The Samoyedic is the Russian name for the Indigenous People of that region- especially Siberia.

Meet Anubis from American Gods as played by Chris Obi.

The CBC says that Santa is Canadian, and therefore you should believe it.

The charged particles that hit the magnetic field come from the sun- called Solar Wind.

Not all planets have a geomagnetic field, but Earth does because it is better than the other planets.

The Aurora is as complicated as it is beautiful. Which is a lot. Very complicated.

The International Space Station has taken video of the aurora.

Neon Lights are a thing.

Apriori and Aposteriori are big words for truth you know and truth you experience.

The Correspondence Theory of Truth is the oldest test for truth in logical philosophy.

What is Post-Truth?

The idea of contradicting ideas in Buddhism both being true is called Catuṣkoṭi.

The Parable of the Invisible Gardener is designed to illustrate that religion is intrinsically irrational. R.M. Hare came up with a similar scenario to illustrate irrational belief does not have to be religious.

What is Blik?

The Love, Joy, Feminism Blog by Libby Anne tackled the tangled bad science of believing in young-Earth Creationism but not Flat-Earth Theory.

The Milgram Experiment showed that regular people could easily become sadistic torturers.

The Covenant of Circumcision in Judaism.

Bear Worship was (and kinda still is) a thing.

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