The Beguiling Man

Anya and Alan talk about Shadow’s inner light, flashbacks, and Loki being the first mpreg. Listen to us try to decide who is “The Beguiling Man” and what does all of it mean?


The Roman goddess Libertas is on the “heads” side of many coins.

Our March 2019 Episode of Hallowed Ground StoryCast was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Who are Mulder and Scully? What?! A show from the 90’s? Did they have TV then?

Respectability Politics requires that everyone adhere to white culture in order to be accepted by society.

Colorism or the idea of skin-shade forming a social hierarchy, exists in every group in American culture- including Black Culture.

The eight-legged horse of death Sleipnir is the love child of Loki.

Lani Diane Rich hosts the excellent, free, university-level story-theory pod “How Story Works

In Hinduism reincarnation happens to all creatures- even the universe.

LOST is an amazing TV show- and you should check it out.

Helen of Troy is a major character in The Illiad.

The Yellow Rose of Texas is a legendary part of Texan history.

Chipperish Media is launching a show about Neil Gaiman’s TV adaptation of his book “Good Omens” called “Welcome to the End Times” on April 21st 2019.

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Alan Allstrom