When Can I Have Bryan's Brain?

We introduce Amy Duddelston, the editor of 'Head Full of Snow' and interview her about how she was hired on American Gods, action figure sex, and the climate of Hollywood for women filmmakers. We also answer your questions and comments, and feature some great articles!


American Gods EPs Talk Episode Cuts by Kimberly Roots for TVline.com

The Last Tycoon by Amazon

Shuteye by Hulu

Amy Duddleston is @phantomframe on Twitter

Former Border Czar Gives Real Facts About Immigration by Sebatian Rotella for propublica.com

Garrett Aja blogs at cartoonsreviewsite.com

American Gods Recap: A Whole New World by Oliver Sava for vulture.com

Every Show Should Handle Sex like American Gods Katherine Trendacosta for Gizmodo.com

Literary Adaptations are the New Fan-Fiction by Liz Shannon Miller for IndieWire.com

Decrypted is a podcast for Ars Technica hosted by Annalee Newitz and this episode featured Jackson Crawford.

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