Bend It Like Beckham

Just in time for the Women’s World Cup 2019, Anya and Alan discuss “Bend It Like Beckaham”. Anya’s favorite sleepover movie from high-school is all about third-culture kids, choice feminism, and wearing comfortable clothes. We talk about the big ship of this movie and how we need more sports movies about women.


Who is Mia Hamm? Spoilers: She played soccer.

Rajpreet Heir wrote about Bend It Like Beckham for The Atlantic.

Guillermo Del Toro often says “Visuals are narrative,” as he does in this article about how to tell stories the way he does.

The WUSA didn’t make it to its fourth season.

What is Title IX?

Keira Knightley was a child actress for years before her international film debut in “The Phantom Menace”

Abby Wambach talks about her career and retirement on the On Being episode “Un-Becoming”

Check out American Ultimate Frisbee!

What is Choice Feminism?

What is BollyWood?

The ESPN article that quotes Heather Hogan.

Who is Sporty Spice?

Here is Hari Kondabolu’s set about mangos!

1984 was a dangerous time for Sikhs in northern India.

Some basic info on Sikhism.

A good Twitter thread with all the Jess and Jules shipping feels.

The 2019 Women’s World Cup is happening soon!

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