A Knight's Tale

Alan tries to explain why he owes $400 to Blockbuster video, what William and Jocelyn are fighting about, and what Nietzsche would have thought about “A Knight’s Tale”. Yeah. Buckle in for some weirdness.


What is Blockbuster Video?

Netflix had DVDs??

Chaucer was real?1 What is Canterbury Tales?

Who is this Titus Alan keeps talking about?

Who is Rufio?

Fredrick Nietzsche wrote about Apollonian and Dionysian polarity in “The Birth of Tragedy”. Nietzsche believed that when someone retreated from society and isolated themselves in Philosophy or Religion, that they were being a coward. They were living a life centered around Apollo- a living death that denied their essential humanity. As Helen Keller said- Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

The Black Death spread across ancient Europe and changed history.

The One-Hundred Years War was barely started when ‘A Knight’s Tale’ was set.

The Decameron was a self-serious frame-story that congratulated rich Italians, who had a status below the nobility, for having a lot of money. Chaucer satirized this.

Aladdin could have used some jousting- but so could all movies.

He’s pulling his bootstraps? Bootstraps? What?!

There is a lot of debate over the charge of rape against Chaucer- but we believe women.

Here are all the replies to our viewing of this movie.

Roar was a thing that happened in the 90’s.

Party BardCast’s coverage of 10 Things I Hate About You.

Alan poorly describes the Taoist view on duelism- which is not forbidden, but is also not accepted as the defining characteristic of anything. Here is more information.

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